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LifeCycle Software is well-versed in the “crypto” part of cryptoeconomics and knowledgeable about the “economics”.

Public or Private Blockchain

Many companies have embarked on their own Proof of Concept Permissioned or Private Blockchain applications. LifeCycle Software can assist with these, as well as the Public Blockchain Etheruem.

Security, Security, Security

A key area for Blockchain, and one that requires expertise. We provide guidance in this area and are keenly watching software companies address this with their own proprietary algorithms.
We start the conversation with business owners about the benefits of decentralization.  We end the conversation with an understanding the benefits and drawbacks of decentralized alternatives to our centralized world. We understand decentralization concepts, create its use-cases and applications for your ecosystem.
We marry technical and owner skills, listen to need and determine if Blockchain is right for your application. We suggest solutions and provide the expertise to get your problem solved. LifeCycle Software has the leadership and skilled professionals to provide vision, strategy and successful software implementation.
LifeCycle Software is advancing the understanding of Blockchain technology amongst global regulators and business leaders. Blockchain facilitates the transfer of information digitally and globally and the ability to digitize and securely transfer assets.


Goods, services, governance or economic activity can be decentralized and tokenized with, and transacted via, Blockchain. We’ll help you determine if your requirement is a good fit.

Project Management

LifeCycle Software delivers full project management services including planning, tracking, completion. We Manage projects to ensure objectives are achieved according to measurement criteria. We identify capacity and resources, risks and technical limitations, and provide solutions. We have Project Management expertise in many varied industries plus the technological know-how to make the most of Blockchain. We communicate effectively to non-technical stakeholders in the organization.

For start-ups

We drive initiatives in a start-up environment (with minimal guidance, limited resources). We Maintain an excellent understanding of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency customer needs, market requirements, and technology trends and that enables us to develop market leading offerings.



Multivariate Creative Optimizations

Exclamation Labs

LifeCycle Software and Exclamation Labs have a long and successful history of project collaboration on customer software implementations. Exclamation Labs has been Gerber Life’s trusted optimization partner for online insurance policy applications since their first direct-to-consumer life insurance digital application went live in 2005. LifeCycle Software assists Exclamation Labs with Customer Relationship and Project Management, Electronic Signature, and Multivariate Creative Optimizations.

Project Management and Application Development

Gerber Life Insurance Company

LifeCycle Software provides the Project Management and technical assistance to Gerber Life for their digital Insurance Agency Portal. The Gerber Life digital application provides a rich and fast customer experience, and seamlessly integrates into Gerber Life’s continually evolving technology environment. LifeCycle Software provided statistical analysis for Multivariate testing and IBM digital Analytics.

Optimization Variations:

  • Multivariate Creative Optimizations
  • Electronic Signature
  • IBM Digital Analytics




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Fintech start-up Plaid to buy competitor Quovo

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Salesforce wins patent for Blockchain anti-spam solution

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IBM Partnership with TravelPort

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